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Sweet Days Festival in the Castle of Buda

SWEET DAYS” chocolate and sweets festival intends to be the most revered Hungarian demonstration of the profession. The gastro-cultural menu has offered us countless high quality events and festivals for years yet the list was incomplete as dessert was missing. Therefore, on the heels of several cities in the world organizing successful chocolate and sweets festivals, from this year on we will stage the most revered sweets festival in Hungary every year.

Drawing from the experiences we gathered at international and domestic festivals, we know that highly esteemed festivals should only be held in venues of special characteristics. This is why we have chosen the Castle of Buda, whose atmosphere, elegance and panorama will make culinary pleasures all the more memorable. For us, Hungarians, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world but foreign visitors also rank it among the nicest, which is why we thought this location in itself can help the festival become a truly revered event.

We are inviting the major multinational companies, chocolate and sweets manufacturing craftsmen, producers and traders to the festival from Hungary and abroad. We are organizing an event where exhibitors can present not only the well-known and much-loved sweets already traded but also specialties, delicacies that are rarely on offer to see and enjoy, as well as sweets specifically created for this occasion. “Friends” of chocolates will also be present, such as fruits, seeds, cocoa, coffee, vanilla or syrups, honey, fine wines and drinks.

Visitors will encounter the familiar traditional colours and forms a lot of products have retained; however, the design revolution observable on the international trade of sweets, which is perhaps the most apparent nowadays, will enrich our culinary enjoyment with real aesthetical experiences.

All these feature combined oblige us to ensure that every visitor will leave this festival with really sweet memories.

Our goal is to make this festival an opportunity for several Hungarian and foreign enterprises, manufacturing or trading companies to appear on the Hungarian market, as well as find their way to other countries and meet potential distribution partners by attracting the attention of visiting foreign tourists and professionals. Through the festival we would like to make sure that the consumers experience not only the joy of consuming sweets but also get familiar with the gastronomic culture responsible for one of the most spectacular demands in the world. With the help of our exhibitors, we also present the healthy lifestyle that accompanies the sense of happiness elicited by the consumption of sweets and, naturally, we provide the opportunity to present bio and diabetic products.

According to our plans, in the future SWEET DAYS festival will occupy an increasing area in the Castle of Buda after this year’s event. Our ultimate goal is to turn this festival into one of the most significant and highest ranked sweets events in Europe.

We are organising such a festival that also enhances our country image; an event to become an internationally known cultural event of Budapest and Hungary within some years that must not be missed.

The communication, PR and promotional activities of the event will be made successful by an experienced advertising agency. The introductory campaign of the festival starts in mid-June and becomes more intensive in the period following 20th August.

We will appear on the major internet news portals, social community sites, the printed press, television channels, radios, as well as surfaces in public areas, locations selling or distributing sweets and the media used by tourism. As the event is expected to draw a lot of attention from the public, news programs and reports will also concentrate on it.

The main patron of the festival and several of its invited guests arrive from the public life, the world of art, media and sports. We wish to invite representatives of such countries that play a major role on the chocolate and sweets market. Our guests will include prominent professional players of the sweets industry. We are also planning to welcome organisers of chocolate and sweets festivals from other countries as our guests.

The location can be accessed using BKV services:

- Bus 16 from Deák Ferenc Square

- Buses 16, 16A and 116 from Moszkva Square

- The Buda Castle Funicular from Clark Ádám Square

More info: www.sweetdays.hu