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Budapest Fringe Festival 2011

Fringe Festival patronizes the creativity of attendees and ensures a wide range of programs to attract many people. This is the key to the success and popularity of Fringe. Fringe is the best platform for young, undiscovered talents.

This is the 5th Fringe Festival on Budapest Broadway.
1st - 3rd April 2011.

History of Fringe Festival:

The Edinburgh Festival starts each year in August and lasts about three weeks. This year it would start on the 14th of August and end on the 4th of September. Since 1999, the Festival’s headquarters is in a gothic building on the Royal Mile, the so called Hub, not far from the Castle. (In 2005, the Fringe lasted from the 7th till the 29th of August.)

It is also worth mentioning that on the opening day of the Festival, called the “Fringe Sunday” there is a grand picnic organized for the residents of town, which is held in the harbour district, along with 150 free shows (performances) offered as a gesture of thank you for any inconveniences that may occur due to the Festival.

The “Fringe Festival Society” was founded in 1958, with the duty of coordinating the programs, advertising the event, selling tickets from a central office and giving advices to the performers on how to make their dreams reality. The society strives to provide free hand to all performers to the Fringe, through allowing the right to all sorts of productions to take place, indiscriminately, without any previous selection; therefore anyone can perform at this wholly open festival. In 2003 for example, there were more than 650 different art alignments, from the A-listed Hollywood and mighty theatre stars, through the passionate amateurs and the dedicated undergraduates, all gathered to win the culture-hungry Fringe-public’s attention and approval.

Also exists today, the so called “Friends of the Fringe” who patronize (sponsor) the Fringe Festival with a symbolic amount of money (10 Pounds). As sponsors, the Fringe Program is delivered to their homes and they also have ticket booking priority and advantage.

As the almost 60 year old festival seemed to attract a larger and larger audience to this town, the number of festivals organized here also increased over the years. Apart from the Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe, other festivals such as the Military Tattoo, the Mela, the International Book-fair (13th-29th August, 2005), the International Film Festival, the Jazz & Blues Festival and the Art Festival also run simultaneously.

Festival Venues:

Thália Theatre
1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 22-24.

  • Main stage
  • PORT stage - Új Stúdió (New Studio)
  • Arizona Studio

1061 Budapest, Király utca 50.

1066 Budapest, Ó u. 4.

  • Theatre
  • Club

Mai Manó Ház
1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 20.

Crazy Cafe
1065 Budapest, Jókai utca 30

1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 41.

1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 38.

Fogasház Kulturális Befogadótér
1072 Budapest, Akácfa u. 51.

1066 Budapest, Mozsár utca 9.

INFOPONT - Polish Institute
1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 15.

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