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Budapest Design Week 2011

The Hungarian Design Awards and the Design Management Award, two of the most prestigious awards of the Hungarian design profession are being presented this year, as well.
In addition to the traditionally organised programs, Design Terminal's own projects are also being set up: star designer lectures at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), festival opening exhibition presenting international works and projects and exclusive weekend design tours led by experts of the profession.

In the framework of the Open Studios initiative 14 design workshops open their doors for visitors, while the popular Design Week Discount is also being organised and 72 shops offer their products at a 20% discount during the ten days of the design festival. Adults and children aspiring to create can participate at thematic workshops, as Design Week truly celebrates the free flow of unlimited creativity.
Focus in 2011: COULEUR LOCALE
The art terminus technicus originating from French romanticism serves as the slogan of Budapest Design Week this year referring to the unique features and design values of the country's visual culture. Local tones and colours following from our special Central European position and existence, values piquing the attention of the globalising world. In contemporary design history, just like after World War 2, national identity has become an important question. What is our cultural DNS like? What is our idiopathy, what is the colour we are adding to the entirety of visual and design culture? Many designers think that cultural and geographical background, history, local colours and traditions are the sources of inspiration authenticating their creative activities. Our visual and design culture is just as inalienable as mother tongue. And it is true for every nation. Our uniqueness, heterogeneity and oneness is being outlined in dialogues with other nations, we can conceive our idiopathy, our unique values through the extensive knowledge of foreign cultures. The most important increment of globalisation can be that ideally it functions as a mirror that helps behold and recognise our own face. Budapest Design Week festival helps this international dialogue. In addition to collecting and showing off the merits of local design, it sets them in context to place Hungary on the world design map at last.